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lunaHD-CVI | CCTV of a gas station

Interview with the gas station operator Kai Spilker. The gas station's video surveillance system was converted from SD to HD. Mr. Spilker shares his experience.


lunaHD-CVI | Camera introduction / "Shell Game" Surveillance

Introduction of two camera models. A mini-PTZ-cam (Pan Tilt Zoom) and a special mini cam for small corners. Both cameras were used for the surveillance of a shell game during the eltefa 2017 fair in Stuttgart.


lunaHD-CVI | P2P-Tutorial

Quick embedding of lunaHD-cameras in the Easy Viewer app. How? - with P2P

You can find the app here: 

lunaHD-CVI | Tutorial - Quick Smart Search

The search in surveillance footage is often tedious and time consuming. With Quick Smart Search though, a search function in the lunaHD-recorders, the search becomes quick and effective. How it does so precisely you can see in this clip.


lunaHD | Titan the Robot | Security Essen 2016


lunaHD | Security 2016

During the Security 2016 in Essen luna HD shows the newest trends in the field of CCTV via coaxial cable. HD-CVI cameras with 4 megapixel resolution and new tribrid recording systems with video analysis.




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