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EVA Audio Management Systems

certified to EN 54

EVA 16 2.0 EN is the logical development of the successful voice alarm compact system EVA 16 M/S EN certified to EN 54-16.

The excellent feature of EVA 16 2.0 EN is a front mounted 4.5 inch color touch panel. In addition, a real time clock and an extensive event/error logging has been integrated.

A built-in monitor speakers replaced a possibly needed monitor control Panel.

  • Can be used as master for single projects – as well as master/slave for more complex projects – cascadable up to 10 systems (1 master/9 slaves).
  • manages the signal and message diffusion and monitors the emergency microphones, the stored emergency and evacuation announcements
  • monitors the connected power amplifiers and any existing emergency power supply

EVA 16 2.0 EN has been developed from a practical point of view for the needs and an easy use in public buildings, where a lot of people may have to be evacuated, such as shopping centers, administrative buildings, industrial facilities, railway stations, airports, schools and hotels.

EVALINE 2.0 EN Line extension module

Speaker circuit extension in combination with EVA 16 2.0 EN. Here EVALINE 2.0 EN constantly monitors the connected power amplifiers and their speaker lines.


EVA 8 EN - the innovative compact system

All EVA-Audio Management Systems possess an exclusive NSC fire control interface and are programmable via the known NSC programming software.

You can find more information about the systems and the extensive accessories programme in the brochure:

PDF-download brochure audio management >


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