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NSC-MULTIVES - Clear announcements for complex surroundings

certified to EN54

NSC-MULTIVES is based on the digital transmission of voice messages, inclusive alarm messages, commercial messages and music. The primary task of the system is to cooperate with fire alarm systems and automatic broadcasting of fire hazard messages in the buildings.

NSC-MULTIVES-system comprises control devices, multichannel class D-amplifiers as well as fireman microphone consoles and zone microphones. The system enables digital scaling communication not only among all the elements of the system but other integrated safety systems as well.

The architecture of this system allows for its application in structures most extensive in terms of area and functionality such as air terminals, oil fields and refineries, commercial centers and office complexes.

  • Versatile system with voice alarm controllers ABT-CU-11LCD, ABT-CU-11LT and ABT-CU-8LCD, certified in accordance with VDE 0833-4 EN 54-16/ EN 54-4 (1488CPR-0500/W)
  • All voice alarm controller can be operated as stand-alone as well in (redundant) networks.
  • Each voice alarm controller can be configured at any position of the system across all devices.
  • 28 global audio channels
  • Max 254 units in the network

You can find more information about the systems and the extensive accessories programme in the brochure:

PDF-download brochure NSC-Multives >


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