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The Fire Alarm Control Panel Solution F1

The Concept
The “Solution F1“ fire control panel range is a new generation, modular and ultra modern fire control panels. These have been developed to meet international standards and to satisfy specific international requirements at the highest level.

Remote Control Panel

These panels contain numerous new features – several are unique in the security business – and they convince through their comprehensive equipment. Many optional (at extra cost) features in other panels are included in the “Solution F1” standard configuration. This range has been designed to be a universal and flexible product in terms of both the different configuration possibilities as well as the front fascia design. It thus meets the requirements for all possible applications. By the outstanding modularity of this panel it can be perfectly adapted to all anticipated user requirements.

Flexibility – especially for connecting different detectors – was one of the most important aims during the development of this new fire control panel. Obviously it is a standard for this panel to connect nearly all conventional detectors of the market, but very remarkable: The “Solution F1” panels are compatible to the newest analogue addressable detectors of Hochiki and Apollo – two of the biggest and best known players in the detector market worldwide.

  • Modular, intelligent hybrid fire control panel range
  • Supports Hochiki ESP and Apollo XP95 / Discovery detectors
  • 2 – 18 loops in one standard housing
  • Brand new touch control panel
  • Graphics LCD module 240 x 64 as standard included on basic model
  • Integral Power supply 24 V DC with max. 6.7 A or 4.2 A as standard included
  • 32 bit high performance CPU
  • Flash memory up to 8 MB and RAM memory up to 8 MB
  • Many powerful features included
  • Configuration software operated via modem or USB interface
  • Full redundant main board and full redundant loop cards as options


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Solution F1
The Reliability
If for certain applications a higher reliability as EN-54 and VdS standards is required – that will be no problem for the “Solution F1” control panel: the Control Processing Unit can be doubled as well as the system boards which are responsible for the communication with the sensors and which passes the information from the detectors to the CPU. So the end user gets a 100 percent redundancy of the whole system. But the R&D people did not stop the ambitious aims for reliability there:
They created a brand new control panel technology – with absolutely no mechanical parts any longer – which is unique in the security business and which has a lot of advantages for the installer as well as for the end user. It contains a pressure sensitive piezo lacquer and does not have to be adjusted. The surface makes a worth-while impression because of its glass like design. This material is resistant against cleansing, there is absolutely no attrition over years and moreover it is very stable against EMC influences.

The product range
The “Solution F1-6“ panel has as standard a 24 V DC power supply with max. current of 4.2 A. The user can connect up to 6 loops – each with 254 loop devices (127 detectors/modules plus 127 loop sounder) – to this panel and can organize a max. of 512 zones. There are three standard housings which should be chosen depending on battery backup requirements.

The bigger model “Solution F1-18” has a 24 V DC power supply with max. current of 6.7 A fitted as standard. This panel can control 18 loops as its maximum. Again there are 3 standard housings available. The selection is dependent on battery space and number of loops needed. This “Solution F1-18” has several more standard features compared with the smaller panel: 1.024 programmable zones, USB host interface, metal rack for 2nd assembly level, interface for optional TFT display, slot for SD card memory and interface for audio codec module.

Both models can be supplied in a 19 inch rack mounting version instead of a standard housing. There are no special adapters or frames necessary because the “Solution F1” is generally compatible to 19 inch housings. The pluggable wiring terminals will be greatly appreciated because the installation will be done very quickly and effectively.

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NSC web server-module
For software configuration or data analysis by telephone line the technician can connect the panels via modem (analogue or ISDN) with his PC. Therefore you will find a slot at the main board which not only handles the data communication but it provides the power supply for these modems too.

Alternatively the Soliton F1 control panels can be equipped by a web server.

Upgrade possibilities and compatible detectors

The Solution F1 offers a wide range of equipment varieties as well as possible upgrades. You can find detailed information on this as well as on compatible ringbus detectors in our 12-paged brochure:

PDF-download brochure The Fire Alarm Control Panel Solution F1 >


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