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Fire detection systems


Fire Alarms Trade Price List 2020/2021, Version Hochiki (8,2 MB)

Fire Alarms Trade Price List 2020/2021, Version Apollo (9,2 MB)


Fire control panel Solution F1 (2,5 MB)

Fire control panel Solution F2 (2 MB)

Extinguishing control panels (1,2 MB)

High Sensitivity aspirating Smoke Detectors Stratos (12 MB)

Loop Poster

Detailed diagram of configuration possibilities (6 MB)

Resetting the contractor code

Resetting the contractor code (255 KB)

Hochiki - Identification of production date

Hochiki ESP - serialnumbers (330 KB


Movie clip „Attempted fire“ (300 MB)

Voice Alarm (SAA)

Voice alarm audio management systems (3,2 MB)

Voice alarm MULTIVES (3,8 MB)

Video Technology


LunaCMS International V2.02.1.T.180831 (107,5 MB)


Product catalogue lunaHD CCTV 10-2020 (german) 



Videotechnik lunaHD (4,4 MB)

Videotechnik lunaIP (3,3 MB)

Türkommunikation lunaIP (4,9 MB)

Tankstelle 4.0 Moderne Videoüberwachung (5,2, MB)

HD-SDI example clips



Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001 (71 KB)

Certificate of Conformity of the Russian Federation (3.6 MB)


datanorm V.4 as of 06-2020 (326 KB) 

datanorm V.5 as of 02-2020 (353 KB) 



Image brochure German (7,9 MB)

Image brochure English (7,9 MB)

Image brochure dutch (6,8 MB)

Image brochure spanish (7,0 MB)

Image brochure italien (5,9 MB)

Return delivery form

Retourenschein (21 KB)

Return Delivery Form (21 KB)




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