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The MILO system

VAS system MILO
in a 19“ rack with the Solution F1

MILO is a modular and scalable voice alarm and public address system with unique features for medium to large projects. The system, which is based on 19“ rack-mounted devices, consists of the controller (MILO-8120), in which Class D amplifiers are already integrated at the factory. And the power extension amplifiers, which can expand the system sufficiently as multi-channel power amplifiers for the audio inputs and outputs if required.

The MILO-8120 controller is a „Voice Alarm“ system (VA), e.g. for high-priority messages, but also a „Public Address“ system (PA), i.e. it can also control all audio systems that play back audio signals with low-priority, such as background music in public places or announcements via call stations.

The MILO controller has outstanding audio quality and flexibility:

FP-AC (Fire Panel All Call)
Fire brigade call station
(Multizone Call Station 8 Buttons)
System call station

With 8 Class D amplifiers for speaker lines up to 120W at 100V for sufficient power - 5 audio inputs, an 8x8 audio matrix (40 x 1024 digital, system total), a touchscreen display, audio over IP and a backup amplifier (emergency amplifier) in accordance with EN 54-16; the controller is therefore ideally equipped for emergencies.

The MILO Configurator software is a platform for configuring and setting the MILO system via Ethernet. It enables programming and the creation of events that trigger actions in the system. In addition, fine adjustments of the input and output levels are possible and the integrated equalizer offers extensive functions for setting the optimum room acoustics.

RS-232, RS-485 and UDP commands (User Datagram Protocol) are used for time-critical communication with e.g. building management systems. Several GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Output) or buttons of the MCS-8B (multi-zone intercom with 8 buttons) can also be defined via software. In this way, volume levels can be adjusted, one of the audio sources can be selected, or saved announcements can be started.

Key features

  • Up to 16 (8 A+B) monitored speaker lines can be connected to the MILO-8120 controller.
  • There are 8 preamplifier outputs for connecting external amplifiers (for sound reinforcement).
  • Up to 8 system call stations (MCS-8B) or fire panels (FP-AC, Fire-Panel All-Call) can be connected to the system.
  • Both can be connected with a fire retardant CAT5 UTP cable.
  • The system has numerous audio management functions:
    • DSP (digital signal processor),
    • 7-band parametric input/output equalizer,
    • Independent volume control for each I/O channel incl. audio filter
    • as well as an integrated emergency microphone and an integrated monitor loudspeaker.

For further Information about the specs please download the  MILO Datasheet

EN 54-4 Emergency Power Supply Unit

Power Guard 9K/16K

The NSC Power Guards 9K and 16K are microprocessor-controlled emergency power supply managers for realising the backup power source for voice alarm systems according to DIN EN 54-4. They function as a charger and monitoring system for external batteries, according to the EN 54-4 / A1 + A2 standard. The two versions of the emergency power managers differ in size (1 or 2U‘s), in the number of 24V - outputs and are designed for mounting in a 19“ rack. Power Guard 9K (1U) allows the connection of two pairs of batteries, while Power Guard 16K (2U) allows the connection of three pairs of batteries.

The different versions allow flexible selection and adaptation of the power supply, depending on the size of the voice alarm system to be supplied: number of batteries, number of outputs for amplifiers and additional outputs. All power outputs of the Power Guards are protected against short circuits by internal fuses. An LED, assigned to each output, signals the status. For each of the battery pairs, a special terminal enables automatic voltage equalisation between the two batteries connected in series

For more information about our new power supply unit please download the datasheet of Power Guard 9K (S04240-09) & Power Guard 16K (S04240-16).

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