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Our service for you:
Lease out our security systems – Easy and simple.

1. Credit assessment

  • Information of the customers including the precise legal form of the company and their contact details
  • House bank(s) and possibly contact person
  • Information authorisation for companies not listed in the commercial register
  • Product information and the value of the object
  • Sender


2. Contracts & Agreements

  • Object description
  • Legally binding signature(s)
  • Official stamps required
  • No deletions/reductions
  • Attachments that go with the contracts also need legally binding signature(s) as well as the company’s stamp
  • No information on runtime in terminable contracts; information on the object value is required
  • No predating


3. Payment

  • For the payment of the purchase price, not only the contract accepted by us, but also the statement of acceptance and an invoice in accordance with the contract, made out to MMV Leasing GmbH, are required.
  • Possible conditions (e.g.,securities) have to be met.
  • Numbers of machines or licence numbers, respectively, have to be stated.
  • Information on the object has to match in the contract, the statement of acceptance and on the invoice.
  • Different product groups, e.g. EDP, office machines, telecommunication, are to be listed separately on the invoice.


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