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Extinguishing control panels

Fire control panel “Solution F1” and “Solution F2” with automatic electronic control- and delay device according to VdS and EN 12094-1:2003


Single zone extinguishing control unit with the FCP Solution F2

The VdS approved fire control panel “Solution F2”, which has successfully established itself within several years on the market can now be used as an extinguishing control system for single areas.

Additionally to the known features:

  • 1–2 loops, optional for addressable components by manufacturers either Apollo or Hochiki
  • Power supply 230 VAC/24 VDC with 3.5 A
  • Control panel with membrane keyboard and graphic display
  • USB- and RS-232 interface
  • Numerous In/Outputs
  • Connectability for fire brigade periphery
  • RS-485 interface card
  • Single indication of detector groups

The control panel is now capable to combine the standard FCP with an integrated electronic control device for fire extinguishing systems according to EN 12094-1.

For this purpose, there is a new control board having a multiplicity of in- and outputs.

Multiple zone extinguishing control unit with the FCP Solution F1

Exactly the same control board, as for the single zone extinguishing control panel ”Solution F2”, can be mounted in the “Solution F1” to operate multiple extinguishing zones. Per each extinguishing zone there is one display board with optional key switch for the essential display and eventually required operating functions.

All known of the FCP “Solution F1” housing sizes are available. In addition NSC front panels are all based on 19 inch standard dimensions and with our mounting backboard for the system boards an easy installation in a 19 inch rack is trouble-free. In case more than eight extinguish control boards are needed, several control panels can be cross-linked by using the ARCNET extension board to build up a network.

The already over a decade reliable VdS-approved fire alarm system “Solution F1” is now able to gate and control multiple flooding zones. Up to nine cards can be embedded to the mainboard. Any combination of detector modules and extinguishing control cards is feasible. For example, this could contain eight extinguishing control cards and one loop module or the other way around.

Further information in our product folder:

PDF Download product folder extinguishing control panels


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