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MultiVES is a public address system based on the digital transmission of voice messages, including alarm messages, commercial messages, and music. MultiVES works in synergy with fire alarm systems and transmits these messages in emergency situations. The MultiVES system is certified to EN54. consisting of control units, Class-D multi-channel amplifiers, and microphone consoles. The evacuation system enables digital communication not only between all elements of the system itself but also with other integrated safety devices. The architecture allows it to be used in facilities that are very large in terms of area and functionality, such as shopping centers, large buildings, airport terminals, train stations, oil fields, and refineries.

The system can be operated either independently or in a redundant network (max. 254 networked units). The network is based on redundant fiber optic or copper connections between voice alarm controllers and other system components. As a result, it can be used in even the most complex environments, both in terms of space and the range of tasks. The voice alarm controllers control all other system components and allow flexible configuration (routing) of audio signals from different signal sources to any outputs.

The MultiVES devices are prepared for use in the 19“ cabinets using a slide-in system and corresponding modules. The modular and flexible design ensures optimum adaptation to project-specific requirements. This also ensures optimum cost control.

Key features

  • Fully networked system with configuration, control and diagnostics options via Ethernet. Management of up to 254 network participants (redundant fiber optic network).
  • 4.5“ LCD touchscreen for fast system operation.
  • Numerous slots for any configuration of speaker line extensions (2 or 4 lines) as well as 8-way input and output modules.
  • Built-in audio card with 4 inputs and 12 audio outputs. 12 announcements can be transmitted simultaneously to different zones.
  • 32 GB SD flash memory for playback and recording of announcements (48 kHz, 16 bytes).
  • Integrated DSP with implemented 3-band parametric EQ on all inputs and 8-band parametric EQ and delay setting on each audio output.
  • Comprehensive inputs and outputs as well as interfaces based on RS485 for e.g. integration of building management systems.



Powerful, compact plug-and-play unit in various versions as an all-in-one solution or scalable networked via TCP/IP with up to 245 devices. The public address and voice alarm system is designed for multifunctional system architecture and meets all the requirements of European standards EN 54-16 and EN 54-4.

The compact voice alarm control panels contain all components in one housing. The entire system concept is based on a high-quality audio network as a distribution node, which is equipped with either two independent 160W, 320W, or three independent 500W Class-D amplifiers that distribute 100V signals to 4, 8, or 16 speaker lines, depending on the device.

All units are equipped with an integrated emergency power supply and a charger for the emergency batteries in accordance with EN 54-4. The VAS systems are designed as plug-and-play systems and have all the elements expected of voice alarm systems, including a built-in firefighter microphone, a modern touchscreen for intuitive operation, and programmable contact inputs and buttons. In addition, there is an event planner and expandable memory as well as a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and battery slots for up to 65 Ah emergency power batteries - all built into an IP30 housing or a 19“ installation rack with 15 height units specially developed for the NSC-MidiVES.

The autonomous VAS systems are designed for medium to large projects and are networked via a TCP/IP network and supplemented by zone or fire department microphones, e.g. to play and control live announcements or background music. The system has been designed to be very user-friendly. And secure cabling with CAT5 cables between the microphones or redundant fiber optic connections between the systems. All systems support up to 45 high-quality audio signals that can be distributed across 254 devices in the network.

Key features

  • EN54-4 / -16 compliant VAS unit.
  • Stand-alone or TCP/IP network architecture.
  • VoIP / SIP integration.
  • Professional sound quality thanks to DSP audio processing.
  • Functions for evacuation, announcements and background music.
  • Impedance, end-of-line module or short-circuit isolators for monitoring the speaker lines.
  • User-friendly and intuitive programming software.
  • EN54-4 charger for up to 65Ah batteries and 24/48V DC outputs for powering external devices



The MiniVES series consists of cost-effective but powerful management and control units that are ideal for implementing certified VAS systems in small buildings such as supermarkets, hotels, healthcare facilities, schools, and other situations where basic functions such as voice evacuation, microphone announcements, and background music are required.

The control units are equipped with two Class-D amplifiers with an output of 160 W or 320 W for priority addressing of signals on 100 V audio lines (4 to 8 speaker lines depending on the model). The lines can be configured as single lines, redundant, or ring lines. All models are equipped with a backup amplifier. The playback quality is excellent, the signals are processed with a resolution of 32 bit ADC and a sampling rate of 48 kHz. The audio channels have an integrated DSP that enables detailed signal processing for the use of special sound transducers such as subwoofers, invisible speakers, and hi-fi speakers and can process delay times for delay equalization of speakers in large rooms.

The MidiVes and MiniVes devices all offer MultiVES compatibility.


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