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NSC- Directional voice alerting

Clear announcements in complex environments!

A voice alarm system (VAS) is particularly indispensable in places of assembly or buildings with a large number of people. In an emergency, the primary objective is to protect human lives from fires and to carry out a structured and extremely effective evacuation in a professional manner using a voice alarm system. A VAS is considered the means to achieve this goal and is regarded as the current state of the art. Always taking into account that the fire alarm system detects the fire and triggers the VAS.

European standards concerning the components of a VAS

  • EN 54-4   Product standard for emergency power supply equipment
  • EN 54-16 Product standard for voice alarm control and indicating equipment
  • EN 54-24 Product standard for voice alarm loudspeakers

Standards applicable in Germany

  • DIN VDE 0833-4 describes the planning, installation, extension, modification and operation.
  • DIN 14675 covers the professional installation and operation of voice alarm systems.

The systems also comply with local European standards such as EN 50849 and EN 54-32.

Where are voice alarm systems used?

  • Hotels, shopping centers
  • Schools, universities, teaching and educational centers
  • Sports facilities, swimming pools, leisure facilities, parks
  • Airports, train stations, museums, theaters, cinemas, hospitals
  • Production facilities, office and industrial buildings, tunnels
  • In principle, wherever there are people who need to be evacuated in an emergency situation.
  • In everyday use, you can use the system for background music and announcements.

To be able to offer its customers a complete range of security products, NSC has not limited itself to the field of fire alarm systems, but has also expanded its expertise in the field of public address and evacuation systems. Voice alarm systems have become one of the most important areas in the field of security technology. Accordingly, NSC also attaches great importance to this topic. NSC is a point of contact for installers of security systems and has qualified as a supplier of excellence for all devices used in this sector.

Our voice alarm systems work in efficient synergy with the NSC fire alarm control panels. The modular MILO system and the autonomous BOX-500 compact control panel are capable of transmitting voice messages, alarm messages, advertising messages, and also music with very high clarity and speech intelligibility. The high performance enables the transmission of messages and music with excellent sound in environments of any size where many people need to communicate with each other, be informed, and be evacuated in an emergency. In the event of an evacuation, the system ensures the dissemination of alarm messages in a controlled sequence and facilitates the safe exit of the building in several steps. In addition to MILO/BOX-500, our product range also includes the MultiVes, MidiVes, and MiniVes evacuation systems.

Our VAS systems offer exceptional performance in every respect and can be used in almost any situation. Contact us to find out more about the individual functions or download our brochures below!


PDF-Download Brochure NSC-MILO/BOX-500 > PDF-Download Brochure NSC-Multives >


Our products are certified to EN54-4 / EN54-16 / EN54-24 and fully meet the requirements of DIN 0833- 4. They harmonize perfectly with the NSC fire alarm systems Solution F1 and F2. Here too, the NSC technology „Made in Germany“ offers the installer of security systems the greatest possible guarantee for the provision of an extremely reliable product for his customers.

NSC voice alarm makes information understandable!

NSC-Sicherheitstechnik started in 2010/2011 with EN 54-16 certified voice alarm systems. Even then, the focus was on the technical integration of NSC fire alarm technology and the VAS system via a data protocol interface in accordance with DIN VDE 0833-4. In 2016, the MultiVES / MiniVES system was also added to the range. This made it possible to implement loudspeaker cabling in ring line technology, IP networking, and redundant fiber optic or copper networks.

Since 2020, NSC has been offering MILO & BOX-500 other VAS systems, which we distribute worldwide. This means that we are well-equipped to support you in the tasks ahead with full vigor and expertise. Our team is always working to ensure that we are prepared for the challenges that the future holds for us all and look forward to many more projects with you.

Our VAS Team

Andreas Geissler
Business Development

Ramon Zwaga
Business Development International

Arno Reus
Technical Support Int.
Product Manager

Nils Diekmann
Product Marketing
Product Manager

Production & assembly in Bielefeld

With our own production and assembly, wiring, and pre-programming („plug-and-play“) of the VACIE in Bielefeld, we ensure consistently high quality, short delivery times, and if required, individual, standard-compliant solutions. 


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