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Webserver Software

Release Version 4.0


Brand-new software version for the webserver (B01380-00)

The software is convincing on the one hand, with a highly modern and intuitive appearance, on the other hand, the software has been technically rebuilt completely and impresses with many new top-class features. For example, it is now possible to set up an automatic mailing of system messages and the new responsive design has been significantly improved for display on mobile devices and tablets. In addition, the software relies on contemporary standards in terms of security encrypting.

The software is compatible with all previous webservers.

Changelog / Features

  • Completely redesigned, multilingual and responsive user interface (including dark mode)
  • Automatic message updating in real time
  • Desktop notification of alarm- and fault messages including acoustic signalling
  • Extended event memory and system logging (approx. 10,000 entries each)
  • Event memory with full text search function
  • Email dispatch in case of alarm/fault messages – individually configurable for each user
  • Encrypted connection via SSL
  • Automatic update of all safety certificates components (OpenSSL, safety certificates and web server modules)
  • Assignment of the network configuration via DHCP
  • Generation of support data via webserver for extended remote diagnosis or data backup
  • Update possible by user-friendly wizard of the FAS-Tool V8.4.0.7 (Tools -> Update web server)


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